DC’s Batman: The World Hardcover Anthology Will Unite International Creators

Bruce Wayne is getting ready to take on the world…literally. Just in time for this fall’s Batman Day festivities, DC is releasing an unprecedented collection of stories that imagine what would happen if the Dark Knight upgraded his war on crime to a global effort. And in keeping with the book’s cosmopolitan theme, the project will bring together writers and artists from 14 different countries.

Simply titled Batman: The World, the new hardcover anthology spans 184 pages and is described by DC as “a never-before-seen publishing event.” Longtime collaborators Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo will kick things off with a story that shows Bruce reflecting on his time as Gotham’s savior. When he realizes that there’s more to be done beyond his city’s borders, he sets out on an international crusade for justice.

From here, other creative teams will take over, recounting scenes from Batman’s past and present. The resulting journey brings the Caped Crusader to France, Italy, Spain, China, and beyond. Plus, each international edition of the book will feature a unique cover designed by the local artist(s).

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“Batman has grown into a true pop culture icon, known the world over,” DC publisher and chief creative officer Jim Lee said in a new statement. “Batman: The World is DC’s way of showing fans everywhere that Batman is more than a character–[he’s] is a phenomenon that transcends languages and borders.”

DC will release Batman: The World on September 14. You can check out Bermejo’s full cover for the book below. More info about the creative teams can be found here.

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