DC’s Fear State Event Sends Gotham City To Hell

This summer, DC is once again embracing the horror genre for its next big crossover event. In August, DC will launch Fear State, a new storyline set to unfold in the pages of various Batman titles.

Fear State serves as the culmination of story threads that began throughout DC’s Infinite Frontier and Future State initiatives. At its center is the Scarecrow, who returns with yet another scheme to make Gotham’s worst fears come to life. Additionally, Mayor Christopher Nakano plays a significant role as he negotiates a deal for The Magistrate to take control of the city. The events of Fear State will also have repercussions going into the new year and set “a new status quo” for 2022.

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In the lead-up to the crossover, DC will also launch two new titles. The first, I Am Batman, kicks off on August 10. Picking up where The Next Batman: Second Son left off, the series continues the story of Jace Fox, the Batman of the future. Another new book, Batman: Fear State Alpha, will make its own debut on August 31. In the weeks between, new issues of Catwoman and Harley Quinn will also lay the groundwork for what’s to come. Readers can also expect the story to continue in DC’s flagship Batman series, starting in issue #112 this September.

You can view covers for the upcoming issues, along with the full list of creative teams, in the gallery below.

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