Kaare Andrews Will Relaunch Amazing Fantasy For Marvel

Amazing Fantasy will always be remembered as the magazine that introduced the world to Spider-Man. And this summer, the friendly neighborhood webslinger will return to his roots with two other heroes to keep him company. Marvel has just shared plans to launch a new Amazing Fantasy adventure, with Kaare Andrews serving as both writer and artist.

The series’ resurrection will be short-lived, as it’s only running for five issues. Regardless, it sounds like Andrews is aiming to fill it with as much spectacle as possible. According to the first issue’s synopsis, the story will feature Spidey, Captain America, and also Black Widow. However, each hero is coming from a different era in Marvel history. Peter Parker is a teenager, Cap is fighting in World War II, and Natasha Romanov is a Red Room trainee. Somehow, they have all been transported to a mysterious island, where they will tangle with a cavalcade of mythical creatures. Judging by the early artwork for the series, that includes giant tigers, trolls, and even a tribe of man-eating anthropomorphic frogs.

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“My very first memories of reading anything, even before I could read words, were of holding a Marvel comic in my hands at the age of four,” said Andrews in a statement. “I had no idea what the characters were saying, but I was enchanted with the story told through pictures. It is a thrill to return to a new Marvel limited series, writing and drawing not just my favorite characters — but my favorite versions of those characters. I just had to come up with a plan to put WWII Captain America, teenaged Spidey and spy school Black Widow into the same adventure.”

“This is a story that combines not just different Marvel eras but different art styles to depict them,” continued Andrews. “As a creator, sometimes you want to invent new heroes and villains to expand the universe into different places or ideas, but sometimes there is an even greater power in embracing what has come before. In telling fresh and passionate tales with heroes that an audience has already invested a lifetime in. There is a beating heart to these archetypes. And they need to live again!”

Amazing Fantasy #1 hits comic shops on July 28.  Additionally, you can check out Andrews’ cover for the first issue and four pages of interior artwork below.

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