Marvel’s New Alien Ongoing Series Launches in March

Now that Disney owns the Alien franchise following last year’s merger with 20th Century Fox, Marvel is about to give us more Xenomorph comic books. The publisher has announced details for its inaugural visit to the Alien universe, with the first issue of a brand new series arriving next spring.

Spearheading the new title are writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Salvador Larroca. Johnson is wrapping up work on DC Black Label’s The Last God, which publishes its final issue in January. He has also worked with Marvel on their Emypre: Captain America series as well as Marvel Zombies: Resurrection. Larroca is a longtime Marvel vet who is currently working on the Doctor Doom series with writer Christopher Cantwell.

It may not be the film or TV show announcement that many fans have been waiting for. Regardless, Marvel’s Alien series promises to win over new and old readers alike. The story centers on Gabriel Cruz, a Weyland-Yutani mercenary who squares off against a “deadly new breed” of Xenomorph. Fans can also expect appearances by “new and classic characters from Earth and beyond.”

“Just as a reader and fan, I was as excited as anyone when I heard the franchise was coming to Marvel,” said Johnson. “And when they asked me to write the launch, I was floored. I’ve been training my whole life for this gig without knowing it,” Johnson said. “Ever since seeing Ridley Scott’s Alien at way too young an age, I’ve been obsessed with the Xenomorph, the single most iconic representation of terror on film.”

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“Drawing this has been like a dream come true, and I am so grateful to be a part of this series!” added Larroca. “Ever since I was young, Alien has been one of my favorite sci-fi horror references, and I never could have expected to have the chance to draw this. Alien is a creative reference to a whole generation of artists, and I’m so proud to now be illustrating this series. I hope readers enjoy it as much as I do drawing it! Phillip’s story is going to be a delight for fans of this awesome franchise!”

“I’ve devoured every Alien story I could in every medium available and spent a lot of hours in the back of a classroom sketching out ideas for what happened before, after, and in-between the chapters we got to see,” continued Larroca. “Now I have the opportunity to bring my favorite nightmares to life. And…I can promise you: our nightmares will be yours.”

Alien #1 will hit comic shops in March 2021. You can take a look at the first issue’s cover below.

Are you excited to see what Johnson and Larroca have planned for their Alien series? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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