Red Sonja Death and the Devil 1 cover by Celina
(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment / Celina)

Red Sonja Faces Past Sins in New Series

Red Sonja stands unequaled among the heroes of the Hyborian Age. She is a champion of the weak and the bane of tyrants and slavers. Yet the She-Devil with a Sword is not without sin, and a new series will force her to confront the unwitting evil she has done.

Red Sonja: Death and the Devil is the latest story from Luke Liberman. Lieberman is a Dynamite Entertainment mainstay, and author of many classic stories of Sonja. Joining him on the new series is artist Alberto Locatelli, who recently worked on the Vampirella miniseries Dead Flowers.

Death and the Devil finds Red Sonja returning to the land of Turan. In years past, the She-Devil with a Sword slew the oppressive sultan of Turan. Alas, this did little to improve the nation. Indeed, Turan devolved into a hotbed of feuding warlords and bloody serpent-worshipping cults. This leads Sonja to seek out the Sultan’s heir, hoping to end the bloodshed and anarchy. Would that it were so simple…

New Red Sonja series explores flip side of sword and sorcery stories

“For some reason we just take it as a given that the hero kills the villain and then it’s happily ever after,” notes Lieberman. “That’s not how the world works. There are always unintended consequences to battles and wars, personal or global. They are never clean or wrapped up with a bow, and if you take a life, you are responsible for whatever flows out of that action.”

The She-Devil with a Sword has felled many foes in her adventures. However, it is rare that she has dealt with the consequences of her actions. This core conceit from Lieberman suggests a new spin on the classic sword-and-sorcery tropes.

Red Sonja: Death and the Devil #1 arrives in comic shops everywhere in September.