Marvel Shares Plans For Relaunched Black Cat Series

Last month, Marvel abruptly ended its ongoing Black Cat series after only 12 issues. However, the company teased that it wouldn’t be long before Felicia Hardy made her way back into the spotlight. Now, Marvel has revealed new details about its new Black Cat title, which releases its first issue later this year.

Spearheading the new comic is the previous Black Cat series’ writer, Jed MacKay. He will work alongside artist C.F. Villa, who collaborated with MacKay on the last series’ final two issues and has also lent his talents to Uncanny X-Men. The new series will kick off with a tie-in to Marvel’s universe-spanning King in Black event. This storyline will pit the symbiote god Knull against several different Marvel superheroes.

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MacKay also provided his own statement about what readers can expect from Felicia’s new adventures.

Black Cat #1 brings us back in a big way,” said MacKay. “And even after King in Black, we’re firing on all cylinders. You want to see Felicia pull a heist on an evil alien space god? Done. New costume? Check. Queen Cat? She’s on her way. The long-awaited Thieves Guild heist that we’ve been building up to for over a year? Of course. And beyond! All of Team Black Cat has been hammering away to bring Felicia and friends (and enemies) back to you with the same energy, charm, and pizazz you’ve come to expect, and we can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve been working on!”

Black Cat #1 hits comic shops in December. You can check out Pepe Larraz’s cover for the first issue below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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