Punchline Faces Harley Quinn in New Batman #93 Artwork

We’re still two issues away from DC’s “Joker War” kicking off. But next month, the Clown Prince of Crime’s new main squeeze will finally come face to face with the villain’s jilted ex-lover. Ever since Punchline made her comic book debut in February, readers have been eagerly anticipating her inevitable meet-up with Harley Quinn. And thanks to a few preview pages from Batman #93 (via AIPT), we have a new look at their upcoming skirmish.

Harley and Punchline’s clash actually starts in Batman #92, due on April 1. However the preview for issue #93 gives us a better idea of how their fight progresses. Needless to say, it looks like a doozy. The pages are devoid of dialogue, but the characters do plenty of talking with their weapons: Harley with her mallet, and Punchline with her knives. Harley might be the real MVP, since she also has to deal with some of Joker’s masked henchmen. But the last panel hints that we shouldn’t underestimate Punchline’s dexterity with those blades (or her extra-long ponytail).

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Of course, the Harley-Punchline matchup won’t be the issue’s only draw. Batman #93 also continues the series’ “Their Dark Designs” storyline, where the Dark Knight squares off against the mysterious villain known as the Designer. To hype this showdown, DC will also release a Designer-centric variant cover for the issue courtesy of artist Jorge Jimenez.

Batman #93 will hit comic store shelves on April 15. You can take a look at three pages of artwork from the issue and three different covers in the gallery below. Are you excited to watch Harley Quinn and Punchline duke it out? Let us know in the comment section!

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