DC Shares the First Look at Joker’s New Girlfriend, Punchline

On the big screen, Harley Quinn is leaving the Joker behind and joining up with a new girl gang in Birds of Prey. But in the comics, it looks like the Clown Prince of Crime is getting another henchwench to keep him company. DC has just given readers their first glimpse at Punchline, a new villain who’s about to make her debut in the pages of the ongoing Batman series.

Punchline will make her first appearance in Batman #89, which hits stores on February 19. However, this is little more than a glorified cameo. She will show up in one panel in that issue before getting a proper introduction the following week in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3. Looking at some early artwork for these issues, it’s not hard to see why Joker likes her. Sure, there’s the obvious affinity for clown makeup. But beyond that, Punchline clearly shares Mr. J’s appetite for senseless bloodshed, especially if it involves a rusty saw.

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Later this year, Punchline will also play a major role in the “Joker War” storyline, which starts in Batman #95. DC has been hinting that this arc will serve as the “final battle” between the Dark Knight and his longtime nemesis. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until spring to see how this plays out. It will also be interesting to see how Harley Quinn reacts to Joker’s new girl. Since Harley has herself allied with Batman and Catwoman, a showdown seems all but inevitable.

You can check out previews of Punchline’s upcoming appearances in the DC Universe in the gallery below.

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