Dark Horse Will Give Disney’s Ursula a Comic Book Origin in June

More than three decades on, Disney’s take on The Little Mermaid remains a family classic. Now, Disney is gearing up to explore the backstory of its iconic villain. This summer, Dark Horse Comics will release Disney Villains: Ursula and the Seven Seas.

The new limited series comes from writer Sherri L. Smith and artist Gabriele Bagnoli. Smith is no stranger to the Disney family, having previously worked with the studio’s animation division to develop home video projects. She also writes novels for young adults and collaborated with Dark Horse last year on the Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path miniseries. Meanwhile, Bagnoli recently illustrated Dark Horse’s comic book retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Ursula and the Seven Seas rewinds the clock to the title character’s time as one of the seven seas witches. When one of her sisters suddenly loses her powers, Ursula sets out to find out who is responsible. The offender is implied to be a certain member of the merfolk. Given how the events of the movie played out, it’s not hard to guess who it is.

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“I’ve always been a fan of The Little Mermaid, both Andersen’s original story and the Disney movie,” said Smith in a statement. “With Disney Villains: Ursula and the Seven Seas, I was able to add my own twist to those wonderful tales. Remember, for every witch you are told about, there’s a goddess you’ve forgotten. What a treat it is to give Disney’s most decadent villain her due!”

“I always loved Ursula’s character because I thought she was really evil and dreadful,” added Bagnoli. “I’m so excited to be drawing her origins! It has also been very interesting to characterize her sister witches, and I’ve tried to make them unique and special. In the same way, I tried to give a magical and evocative atmosphere to the undersea landscapes in order to draw every panel with a strong look.”

Disney Villains: Ursula and the Seven Sea Witches #1 hits comic shops on June 24. You can check out the first issue’s cover below.

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