Marvel Unveils Covers for Two Free Comic Book Day Titles

Earlier this week, DC revealed an early glimpse at the titles they’ll release on Free Comic Book Day. Now, their biggest competitor is teasing its own plans for the annual event. Marvel has just shared covers for two issues that will hit comic store shelves on May 2.

Marvel’s first Free Comic Book Day offering is a new X-Men story. The issue comes courtesy of current “Head of X” Jonathan Hickman and his House of X artistic collaborator, Pepe Larraz. That miniseries, in conjunction with Powers of X, memorably shook up the X-Men’s world last summer. But according to the press release, even more changes are coming to the mutants’ corner of the Marvel Universe later this year, and this issue serves as the first domino to set those changes in motion.

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Judging by Larraz’s cover, the story will feature the likes of Magik, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Wolverine. The issue will also feature another tale that leads into a new project that writer Tom Taylor and artist Iban Coello are working on.

Additionally, Marvel will release an issue that brings Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Cat back together for an unforgettable romp through Manhattan. Details are scarce, but the creative team includes Venom scribe Donny Cates, Amazing Spider-Man artists Ryan Stegman and Patrick Gleason, and Black Cat writer Jed MacKay. Apparently, whatever they’re planning sets up “major storylines” hitting those series in the coming months.

Will you be picking up either of Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offerings? Let us know in the comment section below!

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