New Green Hornet Movie in the Works at Amasia Entertainment

It’s been some time since we last heard of The Green Hornet or saw him on the big screen in live-action. But the new year has brought some news regarding the character created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. It seems that Amasia Entertainment is really interested in bringing the masked crime-fighting superhero on the big screen once again and has just secured the feature film rights (via Deadline).

“When I was a kid, The Green Hornet was one of my favorite television series,” Amasia co-founder Michael Helfant said. “I loved everything about it: the Green Hornet, Kato, and of course, the Black Beauty. They were the coolest!  It was personally painful to leave them all behind when I left Dimension.  So I tried to option the property again at Marvel before it went over to Sony, and then again in 2017 before the rights landed at Paramount.”

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Amasia co-founder Bradley Gallo seems to share Helfant’s enthusiasm, and this may bode well for the outcome of the future project.

“As long as I’ve known Michael, he has expressed his loving ‘nerdom’ for Green Hornet and passed on his addiction to me,” Gallo added. “I am looking forward to bridging the film worlds of America and Asia – and I’m very grateful to be on this journey with Michael, Amasia, the Green Hornet family, and fellow fans!”

Debuting as a radio serial in 1936, The Green Hornet has since made the transition to comic books, movie serials and television. The alter ego of newspaper man Britt Reid, and the grand-nephew of the Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet is a masked hero posing as a criminal in an effort to further bring down the underworld. He is not alone in his mission, though, as his partner Kato is always watching his back. And they can always count on their hi-tech car, the Black Beauty.

The character most famously transitioned to the small screen with Van Williams as the title hero and Bruce Lee as Kato. A more comedic feature film of The Green Hornet saw the light in 2011 starring Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, and Cameron Diaz, and brought in $227 million at the global box office despite disappointing domestic returns.

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