Exclusive Preview: Marauders #6

In the Dawn of X, the new Hellfire Trading Company recruited Kate Pryde to be the new Red Queen and the captain of the Marauder. Storm, Bishop, Iceman, and Pyro joined Kate as her crew while helping mutants seek sanctuary on Krakoa. Unfortunately for Kate and her crew, their enemies are multiplying. The former Hellfire Club members Kade Kilgore, Maximilian Frankenstein, Wilhelmina Kensington, and Manuel Enduque have returned as the Homines Verendi. And they’ve set a trap for the Marauder’s crew in Madripoor.

Additionally, Sebastian Shaw is plotting against both Kate and her new benefactor, Emma Frost. Shaw also lied to his son, Shinobi, and claimed that Kate and Emma conspired to murder him. Shaw also seemed to be aware that both his son and the Marauders crew would find danger in Madripoor. However, it’s unclear if Shaw wants his son to die alongside Kate and her friends.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Marauders #6, Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Lolli put the crew against the combined force of the Hate-Monger and X-Cutioner. Unfortunately, it’s all too clear that the Homines Verendi can disrupt mutant powers. And there’s another Homines Verendi member who can literally strike at Kate’s crew from within.

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Here’s the official description from Marvel.

“THE BATTLE OF MADRIPOOR! The Marauders are caught between the forces of Madripoor and the Black King’s machinations! Thankfully, they have TWO Omega Level mutants onboard…

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Marauders #6 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, January 22.

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