Exclusive Preview: Justice League Dark #18

The Witching War was upon the Justice League Dark before they even knew they were under attack. Circe has assembled her own team of magical villains, including Klarion the Witch Boy, Papa Midnite, and Jason Woodrue. Together, they’ve systematically taken down the JLD. Circe stole possession of Wonder Woman’s body, while Woodrue condemned Swamp Thing to the Rot. Man-Bat is also out of action, and Zatanna had to literally cut open a new mouth on her face just to survive. Now, it’s to Zatanna, John Constantine, Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Bobo/Detective Chimp, and Khalid Nassour to save themselves…if they can.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Justice League Dark #18, James Tynion IV and artist Alvaro Martinez Bueno catch up with Wonder Woman in the Collective Unconscious. Back in the real world, Circe is still using Wonder Woman’s body to attack her friends. Now, the only question is what will Wonder Woman give up to reclaim her body? She’s going to make a deal with a devil, one way or the other.

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Here’s the official description from DC.

“With Eclipso by her side, the new goddess of magic, Circe, is unstoppable! As she rewrites the rules of magic, the Justice League Dark must work to free themselves from Eclipso’s grasp. Can they escape in time to save magic from the clutches of the Injustice League Dark once and for all? Or are they doomed to spend eternity trapped in the shadows?”

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Justice League Dark #18 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, January 1.

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