Homer Makes Everybody Smile in New Simpsons Parody Disney+ Teaser

Disney just dropped a new funny Simpsons parody promo for Disney+, the new streaming service coming November. The teaser is meant to remind the fans of all the content they will have access to once they subscribe to the platform. And Disney relied on The Simpsons for this special occasion.

Each member of the most irreverent family in America is the avatar of a brand under the Disney+ banner. Lisa stands majestically dressed as an iceberg, symbolic of the National Geographic channel. Maggie is Yoda, from the Star Wars universe, while Marge is Bo Peep from Pixar’s Toy Story. Homer wears Iron Man‘s suit with difficulty while Bart… well, Bart is supposed to wear Mickey Mouse’s costume. Except that he won’t unless someone makes him do it.

“I’m not gonna do it, and you are not gonna make me do it. I don’t care how much they paid,” Bart Simpsons says, referring to the huge Fox acquisition by Disney. Homer, though, doesn’t seem to like his son’s attitude much. “You put on that nose and ears or else I’ll take off yours,” the pater familias threatens his eldest son.

You can check the full promo in the player below.

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The upcoming Disney service will exclusively stream all thirty seasons of The Simpsons. This will be just a small part of the huge content Disney is offering to the fans. It seems that Disney has all that it takes to carve out an important chunk of the streaming market.

Disney+ launches on November 12. Which content are you most waiting for to watch on Disney+? Let us know in the comments section below.