Exclusive: First Look At Guardians of the Galaxy #11 2099 Variant Cover

Back in 1992, Marvel 2099 offered fans a look into the future of their favorite heroes. However, the heroes of the future weren’t necessarily the heroes of the past. But if the Star-Lord of 2099 is any indication, Peter Quill’s legacy is alive and well 80 years from now.

Superhero Hype is proud to debut Dave Johnson’s 2099 variant cover for Guardians of the Galaxy #11. Star-Lord 2099’s costume is still fairly faithful to the original. However, there have been a few improvements along the way. Johnson’s cover was also created for Marvel’s month of 2099 variants, and there are more futuristic heroes on the way.

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Star-Lord 2099 doesn’t actually fit into the story of the issue, which continues “The Death of Rocket” arc.

Here’s the official description from Marvel: “The Universal Church of Truth is ready to raise their new messiah and beckon the cosmos into a new era! As his body begins to shut down, will Rocket be able to stop them and save the Guardians in his final moments? Or is this the end of the galaxy as we know it?”

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Guardians of the Galaxy #11 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, November 13.

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