Exclusive Preview: Vampirella #4

Vampirella is not a vampire, at least not a traditional one. She would be the first to admit that her origin story has a lot of holes and variations. But the short version is she’s not from around here, even if Drakulon isn’t another planet, a subset of Hell, or another realm.

For the 50th anniversary of Vampirella, Dynamite Entertainment relaunched the series earlier this year. Now, Vampirella is struggling with grief and her place in the world after losing her lover in a plane crash. Vampirella is also working with the Six Marys, a Vatican black ops team that hunts down monsters. Although some of Vampirella’s new team would love to kill her, their leader, Mother Mary, seems to have a very obvious attraction to Vampi.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Vampirella #4, Christopher Priest and artist Ergun Gunduz continue their 12-part epic, “Seduction of the Innocent.” For the first time, we see Mother Mary out of her “Six Marys” costume while giving confession. She’s a bit worried about her growing feelings for Vampirella. However, the church isn’t likely to condone Mother Mary’s potential indiscretions…

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Here’s the official description from Dynamite Entertainment: “Seduction of The Innocent Book Four of Twelve: While several of Vampirella’s classic enemies gather under mysterious circumstances, Vampirella is goaded into committing a heroic act which may thrust her into the public eye, a place she’s definitely not comfortable in! By the ever-unpredictable Christopher Priest and taking-the-US-by-storm Ergun Gunduz!”

Vampirella #4 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, October 16. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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