Marvel’s Yondu Comic Will Be Equal Parts Breaking Bad and Lethal Weapon

Back in August, Marvel revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy’s Yondu will be getting his own comic book series. Now, co-writers Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson have offered a new glimpse of what to expect from the Ravager in his solo adventure.

Yondu offers a unique opportunity to create a kind of story that you’re not getting in other Marvel titles at the moment, and we wanted to take full advantage of that,” said Nadler via “His character operates in a fundamentally different place from 99 percent of the heroes and villains in that his life is played out in the slums of the universe, places most others wouldn’t dare go…We set out early on to make sure this is the kind of crime comedy of errors where nothing ever goes right ol’ Yondu, and the result is an insane concoction that’s equal parts Breaking Bad, Lethal Weapon and No Country For Old Men.”

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Yondu is a neo-Western romp through the underbelly of Marvel’s cosmic universe,” added Thompson. The book is about an outcast who sees the Marvel Universe as his for the taking. The only thing is he’s a scumbag, a cheat, and a criminal so livin’ ain’t easy for him. We’re giving readers a unique insight into his perspective unlike they’ve ever seen. We see the crusty inner-life of Yondu Udonta and hear his gross inner-thoughts for the first time. And surprise, it’s not a pretty sight.”

Thompson also touched upon the series’ twist, which will bring Yondu face-to-face with his counterpart from the future.

“Lonnie and I are teaming with one of our favorite artists John McCrea and the incredible colorist Mike Spicer. [We’re creating] a comedic book about what happens when Yondu gets in over his head, is wanted by the entire Marvel Universe, and the one person that can save him: Yondu.”

Yondu #1 will hit comic stores on November 6. You can check out the new preview in our gallery below.

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