Exclusive Preview: Detective Comics #1011

In Gotham City, few outside villains would dare to challenge the Dark Knight. Unfortunately for Bruce Wayne, he’s far from Gotham at the moment. Thanks to the mercenary known as Deadshot, Bruce and his fellow titans of industry have been trapped on a largely uncharted island in the Pacific. It’s far out of Batman’s element, and he doesn’t have access to any of his usual tricks and gadgets. When going up against one of the greatest assassins in the world, that’s going to be a big problem!

Superhero Hype is proud to present our exclusive preview of Detective Comics #1011. In these preview pages, Peter J. Tomasi and artist Christian Duce roll back the clock from last issue’s cliffhanger. Here we see Bruce and his newfound allies, Clarence and Hiroshi, planning a trap for Deadshot. Clarence and Hiroshi know the island better than anyone, because they’ve lived there for 75 years! But getting between Deadshot and his prey could prove to be fatal for Bruce’s new friends…

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Here’s the official description from DC: “In order to carry out his contract and get what he’s owed, Deadshot must kill Lucius Fox. Batman isn’t about to let that happen, but without the use of lethal force, does he stand a chance against Deadshot? Plus, Mr. Freeze sets the last piece of his “Year of the Villain” master plan in motion!

Detective Comics #1011 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, September 11. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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