Captain Marvel Breaks Bad, Targets the Avengers in November

For years, Captain Marvel has been one of Earth’s most popular heroines. But ever since Carol Danvers was exposed as a half-Kree hybrid, the public has been turned against her. Carol’s powers have also been wildly fluctuating. Now, it appears that Captain Marvel is becoming something more Kree than human. And she’s turning on her fellow Avengers this fall!

Captain Marvel #12 is kicking off a storyline called “The Last Avenger” from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Lee Garbett. It’s not clear what prompts Carol’s drastic change in appearance. But judging by Mark Brooks’ cover for #12, the Avengers may be no match for her. Carol’s new costume also reflects her personality shift.  Via CBR, you can read the solicitation text for the issue below.

“Captain Marvel has fought off alien hordes. Rescued X-Men. Punched Thanos in the face. Literally saved the world. She now faces her greatest challenge: kill the Avengers. Has one of the world’s most powerful heroes gone dark? But why? And what does this mean for Carol…for the world? Life on earth will never be the same. Kelly Thompson teams up with Eisner-nominated artist Lee Garbett for a brand-new arc – and a bold new direction!”

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Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski also spoke with CBR to tease the event. Apparently, not everyone who faces this unhinged side of Carol will make it out alive.

“As Kelly continues her daring and defining run on Captain Marvel, in this new arc, ‘The Last Avenger,’ she pushes the boundaries even further by taking Carol in a dark… and deadly… new direction,” said Cebulski. “And we’re thrilled that acclaimed artist Lee Garbett has come onboard to bring his spectacular storytelling skills to the series most action-packed adventure yet!”

Captain Marvel #12 goes on sale this November. You can check out two covers for the issue below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!