Garth Ennis Will Launch Two New Punisher Series For Marvel

Thanks to the success of Preacher and The Boys, Garth Ennis’ comics are more widely known than ever before. But for many readers, Ennis’ crowning achievement may be his various stories headlined by the Punisher. Now, Ennis is about to reacquaint himself with Frank Castle in a big way. Via CBR, the writer will pen two new miniseries starring Marvel’s gun-toting antihero.

Ennis made the announcement while speaking with the organizers of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in England, where he’ll appear as the “Festival Focus” in October. Surprisingly, he revealed that the first of the two books could arrive as early as this fall.

“I have two Punisher miniseries coming up,” said Ennis. “Soviet, drawn by Jacen Burrows and apparently coming out in November, and Get Fury, with art by Goran Parlov, presumably appearing next year.”

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Ennis previously collaborated with Burrows on 303, Chronicles of Wormwood, and Crossed, all of which were published by Avatar Press. He also worked with Parlov on issues of Marvel’s Punisher MAX and Fury MAX back in the early 2000s. Under the MAX imprint, Ennis was able to bring his signature style to the House of Ideas. Fans of his creator-owned work know that this means plenty of senseless, uncensored violence befitting Castle’s questionable brand of justice. It doesn’t seem likely that Marvel will give him as much leeway on these new titles. Regardless, we can probably expect him to push boundaries as far as they can go. also spoke to Ennis about Punisher: Soviet, which will run for six issues and follows Frank as he targets the Russian mob. You can check out two covers for the first issue as well as four pages of sample artwork in the gallery below.

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