Guillermo Del Toro Reveals His Justice League Dark Involvement

Rumors from years ago suggested that Guillermo del Toro was working on a Justice League Dark, but the DC Comics adaptation never became a reality. Throughout his entire career, del Toro has worked periodically with comic book characters, as shown with films like Blade II and his Hellboy series. In a recent interview with ComicBook, the moviemaker revealed that he even wrote a whole screenplay for DC’s Justice League Dark.

“Well, I co-wrote a whole screenplay on Justice League Dark for Warner Bros., so that’s your answer,” del Toro said. “I love Deadman, I love Demon, I love Swamp Thing…Zatanna. That’s a universe, is one thing. I’m very attracted to that side of the DC Universe.” Unfortunately, even del Toro’s name couldn’t get it made.

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Then del Toro confessed that he’s not a “superhero guy,” since he feels more attracted to taking on movies with pretty dark subject matter.

“For me to like a superhero, the superhero needs to be a monster,” del Toro added. “I’m not into those things, I’ve never been. I’m always in favor of monster narratives. That’s what I like. Or, I love noir. I love police, crime dramas. I love science fiction.”

Del Toro’s declarations probably mean that we will never see a typical superhero adaptation from him, but he might be open to direct some superhero-ish movie monster, should the occasion arise.

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