DC’s Black Label Announces New Joker and Question Miniseries

Under their Black Label imprint, DC can tell subversive stories that might not be suitable for the average comic reader. So it’s fitting that they’ve enlisted one of the industry’s most subversive writers to pen two new titles headlined by a pair of intriguing characters. DC has announced that Jeff Lemire will write a new Joker miniseries and another centering on The Question.

For Joker: Killer Smile, Lemire will re-team with artist Andrea Sorrentino. He and Lemire previously collaborated on Green Arrow and co-created Image Comics’ Gideon Falls last year. Killer Smile finds the title character facing off against not Batman, but the doctor treating him at Arkham Asylum. Apparently, the Clown Prince of Crime’s machinations threaten to corrupt the doctor’s very soul. And as Lemire tells it, the results will be absolutely chilling.

“Getting to work with my long-time collaborator Andrea Sorrentino on a Joker story is very exciting,” said Lemire. “The Joker is an iconic character and we wanted to create something that challenges readers to look at him in a new and horrifying way.”

“This story has pushed me as a creator to aspire to new heights in storytelling,” added Sorrentino. “That little spark of madness in the Joker gives me an opportunity to play with the pacing, the layouts, and the storytelling in a way that few other characters would allow.”

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Additionally, Lemire is working with artists Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz on The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage. According to Cowan, the book will “explore aspects of Vic Sage’s past and present that have never been explored before.”

“Denys Cowan’s run on The Question has been a touchstone for me as a creator and a fan of comics for a long time,” added Lemire. “Getting the chance to team with Denys and Bill Sienkiewicz to return to Hub City and Vic Sage is a dream come true.”

Sienkiewicz also shared his thoughts on returning to work on The Question after several years.

“Working with Denys is always a rewarding experience, so revisiting the Question with him after all this time—and in a special format—is the textbook definition of a no-brainer,” said Sienkiewicz. “It doesn’t hurt that I’m also a huge fan of Jeff’s writing and Soto’s fantastic colors. What a team to be a part of.”

Joker: Killer Smile debuts on October 30, while The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage arrives on November 20. You can check out cover art for both series below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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