Marvel Zombies Walk Again This Fall

Nearly 15 years ago, Marvel Zombies lurched its way into the hearts (and brains) of comic book fans. Now, Marvel Zombies is primed for a comeback. Marvel has teased the return of the series with an ominous tweet, featuring a cover drawn by Inhyuk Lee. The Marvel Zombies will arrive just in time for Halloween, with an October 2019 return.

On the cover, Wolverine, Deadpool and Captain America appear as zombies with the tagline “The dead will walk again.”

The initial Marvel Zombies five-issue Marvel miniseries ran back in 2005 and 2006. It was also written by The Walking Dead  creator Robert Kirkman and drawn by Sean Phillips, with covers by Arthur Suydam. It actually served as a spin-off from Mark Millar’s Ultimate Fantastic Four series, which introduced a zombified Reed Richards and the rest of the FF. That story also debuted the rest of the Marvel Zombie universe.

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Marvel Zombies also received several sequels and even a few spinoffs. Most notably, there was a crossover with Dynamite’s Army of Darkness comics. Other follow ups included Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution, Marvel Zombies: Supreme, and Marvel Zombies: Destroy!

Marvel hasn’t announced a creative team for the new series yet. However, Kirkman probably won’t come back to write it. It’s been several years since Kirkman wrote for Marvel. He also stepped away from the Marvel Zombies franchise after Marvel Zombies 2.

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