DC Announces Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium

Brian Michael Bendis has spent the last year presiding over Superman’s adventures for DC Comics. Now, Bendis is charting a brand new course into the future. DC has just announced that Bendis will pen a two-issue Legion of Super-Heroes miniseries arriving this fall. This will set the stage for a new ongoing title starring the 31st century heroes.

Bendis’ initial two-part prelude is titled Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium and features artwork courtesy of Jim Lee, Ryan Sook, Nicola Scott, and more. This miniseries centers on “a most unlikely tour guide to the 31st century.” DC doesn’t specify who it is, but she will be “a familiar face to DC fans who finds herself suddenly immortal.”

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Millennium’s heroine will entwine all future DC timelines as she encounters various characters from this far-flung period. Additionally, each of these characters will be drawn by a different artist. The first issue’s roster includes Supergirl (Jim Lee); Batman Beyond (Dustin Nguyen); Kamandi (Andrea Sorrentino); and Tommy Tomorrow (André Lima Araújo). In issue #2, they’ll also be joined by Booster Gold (Nicola Scott) and OMAC (Jim Cheung). Additionally, Jeff Dekal will illustrate a DC “off-world” chapter and Ryan Sook will lend his own artistic talents to the titular superteam. Sook will also collaborate with Bendis on the ongoing follow-up series.

“Since its Silver Age origin, the Legion of Super-Heroes has been the cornerstone of the future DC Universe,” said Bendis. “Over time, a wealth of future characters and stories have emerged since the Legion’s beginnings and connecting these threads to an updated version of the Legion is a story Ryan and I can’t wait to tell.”

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 hits comic stores on September 18. You can check out new cover art for the series below, then let us know what you think in the comment section!

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