Report: Batman Writer Tom King May Have Been Pulled From the Book

The latest iteration of the ongoing Batman series has been a big hit for DC Comics. Writer Tom King had big shoes to fill when he took over for Scott Snyder three years ago. However, his take on the Dark Knight has largely received acclaim from critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, it looks like King’s tenure on the book might be coming to an end earlier than he anticipated. According to Bleeding Cool, several industry insiders are claiming that King will be removed from the title after issue #85.

This news is a surprise, especially since King has frequently promised that his run would last at least 100 issues. King relaunched Batman in the summer of 2016 with artist David Finch as part of DC Rebirth. His recent efforts on the book most recently landed him Eisner Award nominations for Best Writer and Best Continuing Series. Previously, King garnered praise for his work on other DC titles like Grayson and The Omega Men. Marvel Comics fans also hold him in high regard thanks to his run on The Vision.

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Despite Batman’s consistently positive reception, Bleeding Cool notes that the title’s sales have declined following the recent “Knightmares” arc. As of this writing, neither King nor DC have confirmed whether there’s any truth to this rumor. But earlier today, King posted a rather cryptic tweet thanking his fans for their support.

How do you feel about Tom King possibly getting fired from DC’s Batman? Who would you choose to replace him? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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