Exclusive Preview: Captain Marvel #5 – Wasteland Showdown & Team-Up With Rogue!

Exclusive Preview: Captain Marvel #5

Earlier this year, Marvel relaunched Captain Marvel with a brand new ongoing series. And just as things were looking up for Carol Danvers, she was thrust into a Dystopian nightmare on Roosevelt Island. Nuclear Man has closed off the island from the outside world, leaving Carol to lead a resistance that includes Jessica Drew, Echo, and Hazmat. Nuclear Man’s son, Som, has joined Carol’s cause, even if she doesn’t quite trust him.

Unfortunately for Carol, Nuclear Man had a deadly surprise waiting for her. He seized control of Rogue, the X-Men heroine who once left Carol a shell of herself. Carol was completely outmatched by Rogue’s recent power upgrade. But in a desperate move, Carol allowed Rogue to absorb her entire mind in order for Carol to assume control of Rogue’s body. Now, they just need to find a way to separate themselves again and take on their new enemy.

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In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Captain Marvel #5, Kelly Thompson and artist Carmen Carnero pick up shortly after Carol assumed control over Rogue’s body. The two heroines have a mutual enemy now, and it’s going to take both of them to bring him down. But Nuclear Man isn’t out of surprises yet. His last gambit may claim the life of Som and everyone else trapped on Roosevelt Island.

Here’s the official description from Marvel: “‘THE FINAL SHOWDOWN AT LAST! The battle with Nuclear Man comes to a head! Captain Marvel’s rebellion forces have launched their final desperate assault for control of the island. But Nuclear Man has an ace in the hole — and stopping him will take everything Carol’s got. The life of every man, woman and child on Roosevelt Island rests on Carol’s shoulders. She’s about to show Nuclear Man why they call her Earth’s Mightiest Hero!”

You can read the full exclusive preview and Amanda Conner’s cover in our gallery below. Captain Marvel #5 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, May 8. What did you think about the preview? Let us know in the comment section below!