Exclusive Preview: Mr. and Mrs. X #10 – Rogue & Gambit vs. Mojo!

While most of the X-Men are locked away in a weird alternate world, Rogue & Gambit are stuck in the otherworldly hell of the Mojoverse! Mojo kidnapped the newly married X-Men shortly after their honeymoon in space sent Rogue’s powers out of control. That proved to be problematic when Mojo tried to make them the stars of his new romantic TV series. Rogue just kept killing Gambit because she couldn’t shut down her ability.

However, Spiral may turn out to be just what Rogue needed. In the previous issue of Mr. and Mrs. X, Spiral took Rogue on an inner mental journey that allowed her to reclaim total control of her powers. Meanwhile, Gambit did a favor for Spiral by locating an infant with six arms. Although Spiral seemed surprised by that revelation shortly before Mojo arrived to put down their rebellion.

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In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Mr. and Mrs. X #10, Kelly Thompson and artist Oscar Bazaldua catch up with the couple moments later as Mojo vows his revenge. But there’s a full blown rebellion waiting in the wings to strike. And now, Rogue is more powerful than ever. She doesn’t even have to touch Mojo to steal his biggest secrets…

Here’s the official description from Marvel: “‘Gambit & Rogue Forever’ concludes! Will the hottest couple in the Marvel Universe be able to escape Mojoworld? Or will they be doomed to rerun hell?”

You can read the full exclusive preview and Terry Dodson’s cover in our gallery below. Mr. and Mrs. X #10 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, April 24. What did you think about the preview? Let us know in the comment section below!