Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. Reteam For Superman: Year One

Three decades after redefining the Dark Knight’s origin in Batman: Year One, writer Frank Miller will soon provide Superman with an updated origin story of his own. And Miller will be reteaming with artist John Romita Jr. for the event.

Via Deadline, Miller and Romita are set to take on the Man of Steel with Superman: Year One. It’s a three issue miniseries that will be published by DC Comics’ Black Label imprint.  A collected edition will be released later this year.

DC provided a breakdown of what to expect from this ambitious tale. “Superman: Year One is a coming-of-age story for the future Man of Steel, featuring a young alien-boy just trying to find his place in a new world. Faced with the need to hide his heritage and powers in order to survive, Clark will find his humanity through the grounding of the Kent family and the relationships that will define the man he will become. Told by two of the most revered voices in comics, Superman: Year One is more than a superhero story- it’s about the choices made by Clark Kent on his path to becoming a legend. It’s a testament to the importance of choosing to become a hero.”

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Miller and Romita previously worked together on the Daredevil: Man Without Fear comic that came out back in October 1993. That story was a turning point for Daredevil, and modernized his origin.

The cover art for the three issues (including the variant) is available in the gallery below. Each cover shows a younger Superman facing insurmountable odds. Superman: Year One #1 will be released in June.

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