Exclusive Preview: Heroes In Crisis #6

For months, Tom King and Clay Mann’s Heroes In Crisis has depicted an unfolding tragedy that took the lives of several heroes. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman created Sanctuary to help mentally troubled heroes recover. However, one of those heroes snapped and murdered nearly everyone at Sanctuary. Harley Quinn and Booster Gold survived, and they accused each other of being the killer. Regardless, Booster’s investigation has turned up an unsettling lead that makes Wally West a viable suspect, even though he’s dead!

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview of Heroes In Crisis #6, King is joined by guest artist Mitch Gerads as they put the spotlight on Gnarrk, the caveman superhero. Gnarrk is literally a man out of his own time, and he doesn’t have a firm grasp on who he is or his place in the world. Meanwhile, the flashbacks continue to suggest that Wally West may be more than just another victim at Sanctuary. As for Harley, she was never supposed to be there at all. Yet she may be the key to finding the killer.

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Here’s the official description from DC: “Get a deeper look into the inner workings of Sanctuary. When heroes visited the facility, they relived their trauma through virtual reality, contending with the events that brought them there in the hope of reaching a meaningful resolution. That is, until the trauma took over and escalated these personal events into a full-blown crisis! Find out what pushed one of the superheroes over the edge and how it broke the machine. This special issue reunites the Eisner Award-winning MISTER MIRACLE team of writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads!”

You can read the full exclusive preview in our gallery below. Heroes In Crisis #6 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, February 27. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!