DC Comics March 2019 Solicitations

Earlier this week, DC Comics rolled out it’s March 2019 solicitations, which offer something for every comic book fan. You can check out the collected editions and individual comics in the gallery below.

One of March’s biggest events is the milestone Detective Comics #1000. After 80 years, Batman is entering a brand new era. Peter Tomasi, Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis, are among the contributing writers for the anniversary issue. And they will be joined by a veritable who’s who of comics luminaries. This 96 page issue will take readers on a journey through the caped crusader’s “Past, Present, and Future.”

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The Justice League titles will also be making major waves in March. The Justice League: Dark continue their battle for the future of magic. As for the Justice League itself, the team is heading to the Sixth Dimension. Heroes in Crisis #7 will offer a turning point in the murder mystery that left several established heroes dead at Sanctuary. Has the real killer finally been unmasked?

In one of the wilder concepts of the month, Second Coming #1 will follow Jesus Christ as he returns to Earth and gets a superhero roomate! Dial H for Hero #1 also re-introduces another unique concept: a magic phone that grants its users superpowers when they dial HERO.

If you’re looking to catch up on what’s happened before this month, check out DC Comics’ February 2019 Solicitations.

Which of the DC titles in March 2019 have caught your eye? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!