Exclusive Preview: Batman: Kings of Fear #5

Scott Peterson and Kelley Jones’ six-issue Batman tale is heading towards its penultimate issue. Batman: Kings of Fear has pit the Dark Knight against his longtime foe, the Scarecrow. However, the Scarecrow finally has the edge over his hated enemy. He exposed Batman to a massive dose of fear toxins and blackmailed him. Scarecrow wanted a chance to observe Batman “in the wild.” Consequently, even Batman can’t tell what’s real or what isn’t.

Scarecrow is also making Batman question his life choices. He finally got Batman to admit that his goal of saving “every child” is simply impossible. Not even Batman can save everyone. Now, Scarecrow is really putting Batman’s mind to the test by showing him a vision of Gotham City that doesn’t need a superhero.

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In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Batman: Kings of Fear #5, Batman can barely recognize the city that he calls home. According to Scarecrow, this is what Gotham could have been if Batman was truly devoted to it. Scarecrow’s agenda hasn’t changed, and he’s still out to break the Dark Knight’s spirit. Unfortunately, it seems like his goal is getting closer and closer to fruition.

Here’s the official description from DC: “Scarecrow’s endgame is in sight! He has created a world without Batman for the Caped Crusader to be tortured by. It’s a world controlled by crime, where fear always wins!”

You can read the full exclusive preview in our gallery below. Batman: Kings of Fear #5 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, December 19. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!