Spidey Turns 50: 11 Villains Who Could Be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who is he?
An albino African American mob enforcer. Now if that isn’t one of the most niche positions one can hold I’d like to know what is. Tombstone’s use as a character varies throughout the years, but more often then not he’s simply muscle for whoever pays. Sometimes he just plays the intimidation game, and at other times he’s a hitman – but he’s always ruthless. Also as the saying “no honor among thieves” goes, Tombstone has been known to not only lay a beating on Spider-Man but his fellow rogues gallery members as well.
How could he work in the movie?
Ever since Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight,’ you always hear talk about how superhero movies “Want to be more dark/gritty like Batman” and they even said that about “The Amazing Spider-Man” prior to its release. Here’s their chance to do it, make Spider-Man fight organized crime in the sequel. Sure, he’ll be in over his head because he’s just a teenager, but isn’t that where a lot of the fun in watching Spider-Man comes in? Seeing him in near impossible situations that he someone manages to survive due to his incredible abilities and already highly-gifted intelligence? Plus I’d like to see the tiny Andrew Garfield Spider-Man take on a six foot, seven inch Tombstone.
Who should play him?
I see Djimon Hounsou working well as Tombstone. Sure, he’d need to be filmed in a way that made him look taller than everyone else, but that’s not as hard as making his skin without pigment. We already know he’s a good actor, but I would still argue that not a lot of people know who he is and perhaps a stint at trying to kill Spider-Man is what he needs to be a household name.
(Photo credit: Apega/WENN.com)