Spidey Turns 50: 11 Villains Who Could Be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who is he?
Many call him Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, the Joker to Spider-Man’s Batman, and I don’t think that’s stretching anything. Having been the cause of many headaches and dark times in Spider-Man’s life, the Green Goblin is truly one of the most evil and scary villains in all of the Marvel Universe. He is armed with a series of Halloween-themed weapons at his disposal, but the truly terrifying aspects of the character are his unpredictability, ruthlessness, and how he manages to get his way with the mask off as Norman Osborn.
How could he work in the movie?
They set it up perfectly in the original film. Norman Osborn is dying and he needs help. When he gets the serum that will save his life it will make him stronger, smarter, and faster. It will also augment all the negative aspects of his personality, making him a totally looney. Why he becomes so infatuated with Spider-Man can be handled in many different ways, but the best way I think would be to center it on Gwen Stacy. Peter obviously still loves Gwen and if she sticks around with Oscorp then perhaps Norman could develop his infatuation with her. Their bitter rivalry could begin with such a simple thing, a girl, and the film could end on a cliffhanger with her death.
Who should play him?
The character wasn’t cast for the first movie, which was odd considering how often he was referenced, but some would argue that the man at the end of “The Amazing Spider-Man” was Osborn. There’s one man I’d really like to see play Osborn and the Green Goblin – Christopher Meloni. He looks like Norman Osborn from the comic books in terms of his build and hairstyle. He can successfully pull off the calm business man that Osborn portrays but also the totally anarchistic, crazy Goblin.
(Photo Credit: WENN)