The 10 Comics We Want to See From Marvel NOW!

Captain America hasn’t been this popular since he got his head blown off, which turned out to actually not be Cap but you know how this stuff goes. Anyway, the newest Captain America series is still rather young in terms of how many issues it’s into, but it’s already confirmed that Ed Brubaker will be ending his legendary run with the character so if that doesn’t seem to show you that big changes are coming to the character and the title, you might need new glasses.
When DC decided to reboot my friends and I came up with a list of books we’d like to see Marvel do if they rebooted and two of them were Captain America, one of them present day Cap and another a more pulp, WW II-based Cap. One of the most appealing parts of the Captain America film was the way that it felt like an old ’40s serial and just a fun adventure story set in a time and place that few of us can relate to. Marvel could still use Cap in the present but I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to see more World War II adventures of the Captain.
Likelihood of happening: 100%, but I have my doubts that it will be in the style that I’d like to see it in.