The 10 Comics We Want to See From Marvel NOW!

With the news of Marvel NOW! having just come around, we decided here at SuperHeroHype to talk about what we want to see in this “next chapter” of the Marvel characters. We should make it clear though that this isn’t a reboot, that would be the wrong word. This is simply new titles with new creative teams behind them. Some characters will be getting new costumes, and yes some comics will be going back to #1 instead of their current numbers. So, how is that not a reboot, you ask? Well the continuity of the characters and 616 universe will be untouched. Everything that has been happening in the past few years, including this summer’s Avengers vs. X-Men will still be canon. So with these things in mind, there are a few ideas of comics that Marvel is currently producing that we think should be included in this new initiative, as well as some older titles that haven’t gotten the proper treatment.

Now, everyone loves Spider-Man. His series would probably be one of the first choices that many people have if they were going to read a comic book, but there’s just one problem. If you look in the left corner of the cover there is a number and that number is really scary to a lot of people if it’s past, let’s say 10. Spider-Man is about 680 numbers past 10 and while the stories currently being written are both great and don’t require a lot of knowledge about previous issues (most of the time), that number in the corner along with a certain big event in the past (One More Day anyone?) have effectively driven sales much further from what the book could be.
It would be very controversial to many people to take Spider-man all the way back down to number 1 though, and probably even more so to make him a teenager again given the fact that currently he’s a responsible adult and that the “Ultimate Spider-man” is kind of the go to teenage hero. I think keeping Peter where he’s at in his life now would be the best for the character (and since Marvel says continuity will remain in tact that’s probably what will happen), but if he can be taken back to smaller more personal battles, less huge interaction with every other hero in his book, and a less cartoon like art style, the book could be huge again. 
Likelihood of happening: Very High. With the series approaching it’s 700th issue that seems like a good a time as any to give it a shiny new number 1.