Invincible Guarding the Globe game

Invincible: Guarding the Globe Video Game Announced With New Trailer

Gaming and comic fans will both be able to explore the world of Invincible in a new RPG from Ubisoft.

What Is Invincible: Guarding the Globe’s Story?

Despite sharing its name with an Invincible tie-in comic, Guarding the Globe presents a wholly original story. The plot has never been seen before, in either the comic published by Image Comics or the Amazon Prime animated series.

The first trailer — which can be viewed below — reveals a gang of criminals have recruited clones of Earth’s greatest champions. It will be up to the player, working alongside Global Defense Agency Director Cecil Stedman, to assemble a team capable of fighting this new menace and finding out who is responsible for the clones.

It is unknown how many characters will be available at launch, but the game’s website profiles Invincible, Atom Eve and several members of the Teen Team, Earth’s Defenders and the Global Defense Agency. Curiously, many of these characters are referenced as being deceased, and the game is set sometime after Omni-Man made his true intentions regarding Earth known. It seems likely that clones of these heroes will be showing up in the game.

Characters fall into one of three unique categories; Attackers, Support and Defender. Attackers include characters like Invincible and Rex Splode, whose powers are focused on dealing damage. Support characters like Atom Eve and Green Ghost use their powers to enhance their allies and hinder enemies. Defenders like Black Samson and The Immortal absorb damage and shield their allies.

Players who pre-register will get a number of unique rewards at launch, including bonus XP. However, an official release date for Invincible: Guarding The Globe has yet to be announced.