Early Spider-Man: Miles Morales Reviews Praise Insomniac’s Sequel

The entertainment world has taken a few hits in 2020 thanks to the coronavirus. But the video game industry has been one of its few saving graces. And in a year that has already given us several top-notch games, Spider-Man: Miles Morales could very well be the icing on the cake. The upcoming pseudo-sequel to Spider-Man PS4 arrives as a launch title for the Playstation 5, and players are eager to find out if the new game lives up to its predecessor. Fortunately, it sounds like Insomniac managed to capture lightning in a bottle once again.

Earlier today, Miles Morales’ review embargo finally lifted, and critics have begun sharing their thoughts online. Overall, the consensus seems to be that Miles’ new adventure is a worthy introduction to the next generation of gaming. Check out a few highlights below.

Writing for EGM, Josh Harmon singled out the PS5’s nearly “instantaneous” load times along with its graphical power, which is so advanced that it gives us detailed renderings of Miles’ blackheads and beard stubble. He also confirmed the new game is shorter than Spider-Man PS4. Regardless, it doesn’t feel like “glorified DLC,” as more cynical fans may have expected. Harmon even suggested that the storytelling might be an improvement over the previous game. Apparently, he got “choked up” after listening to a particular audio log.

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Awarding the game a 9 out of 10, IGN’s Jonathan Dornbush called Miles Morales a “fantastic follow-up” to Spider-Man PS4. He wrote that Insomniac’s webswinging mechanics feel “even better at 60fps” as opposed to 30. Additionally, the “improved lighting and particle effects” imbues the studio’s virtual NYC with a lot more character. Dornbush also praised the game’s “impressive supporting cast,” especially Miles’ best friend, Ganke.

PCMag’s Will Greenwald lamented the new game’s shorter narrative, and observed that there aren’t as many collectibles and activities this time around. However, he conceded that there’s “never a lack of things to do” apart from the main story. Like other critics, Greenwald was wowed by the graphics running on the PS5. He also noted his preference for the game’s “Fidelity” mode, which runs at 30fps and “focuses on a 4K picture and all available visual effects.”

Andrew Reiner of Game Informer heaped praise on Nadji Jeter’s performance as Miles. According to him, Jeter “gives [Miles] an innocence that anchors most scenes and makes him a character you can root for.” In terms of gameplay, Reiner paid special attention to Miles’ invisibility and venom strike abilities. The camouflage “not only makes stealth easier and more satisfying, it also creates the opportunity to reset encounters.” Meanwhile, the venom strikes “push you to think differently during combat.”

In his review for Digital Spy, Owen Gough called the use of ray-tracing “an absolute game changer” for new consoles. He even argued that although the game is also available for PS4, it’s “meant” to be experienced on a PS5. In fact, gamers would be “missing out on a lot” by playing on an older system. In Gough’s view, Miles Morales is “easily among one of the best games to ever land on the Sony platform.”

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Unlike Harmon, GamesRadar+’s Leon Hurley believes the game does have a “DLC feel” due to its short campaign. But he was still impressed, citing its “near photorealistic” recreation of NYC at wintertime as one of its many strengths. Hurley also praised the game’s emphasis on Miles’ “human” life out of costume, with Jeter “creating a character full of enthusiasm and charm as he navigates his hopes and fears for the future.”

The Washington Post’s Christopher Byrd deemed Miles Morales “the year’s most ingratiating family-friendly” video game release. He was also impressed by the game’s fight scenes, which are “multiphase affairs, filled with destructible objects, that make for great eye candy.” Surprisingly, he even seemed to appreciate the shorter playthrough. He called it “a hyper-efficient story line that never tries to overdeliver.”

Spider-Man: Miles Morales hits PS4 and PS5 on November 12.

What do you make of these early reviews for the game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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