Valiant Comics Superheroes Are Getting Their Own Video Games

Marvel and DC continue to dominate the superhero market. However, Valiant Comics also has their own impressive roster of costumed adventurers that often goes unnoticed. And pretty soon, fans will be able to control them on their TV screens. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Valiant is partnering with Blowfish Studios to develop new video games starring Valiant characters.

Blowfish is an independent studio that has churned out multi-platform games like the Siegecraft series, Morphite, and Minesweeper Genius. They also won’t be the first video game studio to work with Valiant. The publisher was memorably owned by Acclaim Entertainment back in the ‘90s. Acclaim released several games based on Valiant properties, including Shadow Man and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter before going bankrupt in 2004.

DMG Entertainment is Valiant’s current parent company. Dan Mintz, that company’s founder and CEO, also issued a statement about the publisher’s new partnership with Blowfish.

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“We’re thrilled to bring Valiant’s characters back into the video game industry and give fans the opportunity to play as their favorite superheroes,” said Mintz. “Translating these characters and stories to video games could not come at a more exciting time as we introduce the world to the Valiant Universe on the big screen with the Bloodshot release. These games are poised to become further proof of these characters’ immense potential as anchors in pop culture.”

“Getting the chance to work with Valiant’s Universe will certainly bring forth some refreshing new experiences for fans and gamers alike to explore,” added Michael Bolden, Blowfish’s head of publishing. “I’ve always been a fan of characters like Ninjak, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar. Valiant’s universe presents a wealth of unique characters and rich stories that we look forward to introducing to fans as an interactive experience worldwide.”

Which Valiant characters are you most excited to play as in Blowfish’s upcoming video games? Let us know in the comment section below!

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