Linda Hamilton Will Voice Sarah Connor in Gears 5’s Terminator Crossover

The Terminator franchise is set to return later this year with its latest reboot, Terminator: Dark FateBut that’s not the only place fans will see Sarah Connor and the T-800 return, as they’ll also make their debut in the Gears of War franchise. One of Microsoft’s big reveals for its E3 showcase this week was the new Terminator: Dark Fate character pack for Gears 5. In it, players will be able to take control of either Sarah or the T-800 model Terminator.

To provide more information on the crossover, GameSpot spoke with Rod Fergusson, studio head for the development team at The Coalition.

“It was just one of those things where we’ve always been fans of the Terminator franchise and we’re here coming back with James Cameron and Linda Hamilton and we’re just very excited,” explained Fergusseon. Linda is actually going to do the voice of Sarah Connor.”

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Fergusson also said that  Sarah Connor has a deep connection with Kait, the main heroine in Gears 5.

“When you look at Sarah Connor as a character, she really resonates with us in terms of how we’re telling Kait’s story,” added Fergusson. “Kait went from this outsider civilian into this warrior who’s trying to save humanity. It’s kind of the same story for Sarah Connor. And so this idea of bringing these two franchises together in a really cool way is exciting to us.”

Fans that want the Terminator pack can access it by pre-ordering the Gears 5 pack. They can also access it by playing the game within its first week of release on the Xbox Game Pass. It’s currently being offered for $1 for its first month, which also includes 100 additional titles.

You can see the T-800 in action in Gears 5 in the trailer below. It will be released on September 10 for Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, Terminator: Dark Fate arrives in theaters on November 2.

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