New Marvel Video Game in Development from Ex-Hearthstone Leads

Between last fall’s Spider-Man PS4, the upcoming Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and the various mobile tiles21 currently available, it looks like Marvel-based video games are coming back in a big way. Now, two of the developers behind Blizzard Entertainment’s online card game, Hearthstone, are getting in on the action. According to Variety, Hamilton Chu and Ben Brode are collaborating on a new project for Marvel.

Chu and Brode previously worked on Hearthstone as the executive producer and game director, respectively. Hearthstone was published by Blizzard in 2014 and it ties into the studio’s popular Warcraft universe. Chu and Brode left Blizzard last year and began putting all their efforts into creating their own independent studio, Second Dinner. The duo also posted a new YouTube video to announce that the studio has received funding from NetEase, a Chinese tech company. They also revealed that the Marvel project will be the studio’s inaugural game.

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Details are currently scarce, but Chu brazenly insists that “In all likelihood, this will be the best [Marvel] game ever made.” Marvel Games Executive Vice President Jay Ong said that Brode and Chu are “exactly who we want making Marvel games.” Ong added a bit of Marvel hyperbole as well: “They and the team they’ve assembled at Second Dinner have made some of the greatest games in history. And now, working with the Marvel Games team and playing in the Marvel Universe…It’s going to be Amazing! Or maybe Spectacular! Or Incredible..or Mighty…or quite possibly all of the above!”

Second Dinner is also looking to hire a client engineer and a technical artist for their upcoming venture. You can check out their announcement video below, then share any theories you have about the game in the comment section!