New Echo Still Sees Maya Consulting With Kingpin

Marvel Studios‘ upcoming series Echo has released a new still image, featuring Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez and Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk in an apparent private meeting with each other.

The photo was posted on the X (formerly Twitter) account @CineGeekNews, via Total Film magazine. It shows Fisk and Maya sitting at a table together in a dimly lit room, with an opened container in front of Fisk. Maya is wearing a black leather jacket, while Fisk is in a suit, as typical of most of his appearances in other shows.

How did Echo and Kingpin end up in the same series?

Echo spins out of the 2021 miniseries Hawkeye, which introduced Maya’s character and included a surprise appearance from Fisk. D’Onofrio first portrayed the iconic villain in Daredevil, which ran for three seasons on Netflix along with five other interconnected shows based on street-level Marvel heroes.

Netflix’s shows were long considered to take place outside the main Marvel Cinematic Universe, but D’Onofrio is not the only actor to now be reprising his role for current MCU projects. Daredevil star Charlie Cox appeared in the feature film Spider-Man: No Way Home as well as the She-Hulk series, and Jon Bernthal is set to join Charlie Cox and D’Onofrio again in the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again, reprising his Netflix role as Frank Castle/The Punisher.

In addition to Alaqua Cox and D’Onofrio, Echo will star Chaske Spencer, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal, Devery Jacobs, Zahn McClarnon, and Cody Lightning. Season 1 will consist of five episodes, which will all drop at once on Disney+ and Hulu on January 10, 2024.

Created by Marion Dayre, Echo will be the first Marvel title to debut under the new Marvel Spotlight banner, meant to focus on more “grounded” stories within the franchise. Echo will also be the first TV-MA Disney+ original series.