Doctor Who Flux
(Image Source: BBC)

Russell T Davies to Revisit Doctor Who: Flux in 60th Anniversary Special

Details on the three Doctor Who specials produced for the show’s 60th anniversary are few and far between. However, showrunner Russell T Davies has confirmed that the second special, “Wild Blue Yonder,” will tie into the Doctor Who: Flux storyline from Series 13.

Radio Times reported on Davies’ comments, which were originally made to Doctor Who Magazine. Davies confirmed that the final season of the Thirteenth Doctor would figure “very slightly” into the second special, “Wild Blue Yonder.” “Flux” was also one of the five words Davies said would be important to the story. The other four were “Southampton, vegetable, bean, and starlight.”

Russell T Davies Will Not Retcon Flux Storyline

Spanning the length of Doctor Who Series 13, Flux pit the Doctor against the titular wave of destructive energy. Flux was notable as the first series-long storyline since 1986’s Trial of a Time Lord. It was also controversial with many fans, due to how it developed the mystery of the Timeless Child.

The Timeless Child was a legendary figure among the Doctor’s race, the Time Lords. It was suggested that the Doctor was the Timeless Child and that their memories of their past had been erased or altered. Some disapproved of this storyline, preferring the Doctor’s past be kept a mystery. Despite this, Davies has remained adamant that he will not rewrite anything proposed by the previous showrunner, Chris Chibnall.

In an interview with SFX, Davies shot down any suggestion that the 60th anniversary specials would be used to rewrite Chibnall’s stories. “Let’s stare that question right in the eye. I’m not going to unwrite my good friend Chris Chibnall’s work on The Timeless Children,” Davies stated. “I’m going with it. It’s absolutely fine.”

Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder will be broadcast on December 2 on BBC iPlayer and Disney+.