Omni-Man in space
Omni-Man in space

Invincible: How Omni-Man’s Absence Affects Season 2’s Story

Invincible co-creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman reassures fans that Omni-Man‘s absence from Earth will have a major impact on Season 2’s story.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the next chapter in Prime Video‘s adaptation of the popular comic book, Kirkman elaborated that while Nolan may have flown off into space at the end of Season 1, his presence, or lack thereof, will still be felt in the upcoming episodes.

“Omni-Man is gone and he could not be more essential to the survival of Earth. I think that, if anything, people should be aware of the fact that not only did Omni-Man become a threat at the end of the first season, but he also revealed a larger threat in the Viltrumites themselves,” the creator explained. “That threat is going to come into play in Season 2, and Omni-Man is not there to defend the Earth, especially from his own people. That ends up being a terrifying prospect that hangs over the series for a good long time.”

A Villain Revealed

Invincible Season 1 concluded with a brutal showdown between Mark Grayson and Omni-Man after the latter revealed that he didn’t care for his life on Earth. Nolan admits that he was sent to the planet to prepare it for Viltrum, a planet of warmongering powerhouses set on taking over and controlling the galaxy. After revealing his true nature, Omni-Man finds that he’s unable to kill his son, instead flying into space and seemingly disappearing.

Season 2 will see Omni-Man return, once again voiced by J.K. Simmons, but how the character features in the narrative remains to be seen. Prime Video’s adaptation of Invincible has made some significant changes to the source material so whether Nolan reconnects with Mark remains to be seen.

Invincible Season 2 is slated to premiere on Prime Video on November 3.