Tek-Knight flying in front of an asteroid.
Tek-Knight flying in front of an asteroid.

Gen V Will Introduce One of The Boys’ Most Infamous Supes

One of the most notorious supes in The Boys comic books will be making his live-action debut in the upcoming spin-off series Gen V.

Originally reported by Entertainment Weekly, Robert Vernon aka Tek Knight will feature in the series, played by Derek Wilson of Preacher fame. While the actor was spotted in early teaser trailers for Gen V, fans have long speculated about which character he would play; some already believed Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast as Tek Knight for The Boys Season 4. Details on how he’ll feature in Gen V are still scarce, but the Prime Video series has previously confirmed that Tek-Knight is already an active supe in the show thanks to an offhand mention by Stan Edgar in The Boys’ second season.

Not Quite Iron Man

In the comics by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, Tek Knight serves as a member of the team Payback which serves as a satirical take on Marvel‘s Avengers. Using an advanced metal suit, Robert Vernon is largely believed to be a stand-in for Iron Man, with some elements of DC’s Batman incorporated into his character. In the comics, he’s shown to have a psychological disorder that prompts him to suddenly and unwittingly want to have sex with both animate and inanimate objects. He’s ultimately killed by a falling wheelbarrow, with an autopsy revealing that a massive tumor in his brain was the cause of his erratic behavior.

Set in the same fictional universe as Prime Video’s adaptation of The Boys, Gen V will focus on a new cast of characters as they attend Godolkin University, the Vought-sponsored college for supes. While the spin-off is marketed as a standalone story, many members of the creative team have noted that fans wanting some insight into The Boys Season 4 should definitely pay attention to the events of Gen V.

The first three episodes of Gen V premiere on Prime Video on Sept. 29.