Superman holding a girder over people's heads
Superman holding a girder over people's heads

My Adventures With Superman Season 2 ‘Is Going to Blow People’s Minds’

While many DC fans are already loving My Adventures With Superman, producer Josephine Campbell believes Season 2 will be even more popular.

Speaking to Superman Homepage about the future of the animated series, Campbell was prompted to reveal when audiences can expect the next chapter in Jack Quaid‘s Superman story to arrive. While she refused to provide a specific date, she did take a minute to hype up the next chapter.

“Stay tuned for Season 2,” Campbell said. “We got the wonderful task of being able to make them both around the same time and I’m very excited. There’s so much stuff in Season 2 that I think is going to blow people’s minds so just stay tuned! Keep watching!”

Billed as a modern retelling of the Man of Steel’s origin story, My Adventures With Superman has earned plenty of positive reviews from fans and critics for its unique take on the most iconic superhero of all time. Starring the aforementioned Quaid as Clark Kent, the story follows the young Kryptonian as he attempts to survive the hustle and bustle of Metropolis alongside his best friend Jimmy Olsen, and his beloved Lois Lane.

Jack Quaid Adores Superman

Many have highlighted the series’ more light-hearted, optimistic take on Superman, an aspect that Quaid himself wanted to champion from the start. The actor has spoken at length about his love for the Man of Steel and his appreciation for some of the darker takes on the character, including director Zack Snyder‘s adaptations. Yet he still finds himself drawn to the more optimistic version seen in stories such as All-Star Superman and Superman For All Seasons.

My Adventures With Superman Season 1 is now available to stream on Max. Season 2 does not yet have a confirmed release date.