The cast of Gen V in front of a defaced statue of Homelander

Gen V Poster Reveals the Young Supes’ Aggressive Thoughts on Homelander

The next generation of superheroes in Gen V aren’t huge fans of Homelander given that they’ve taken extreme measures to deface his statue.

Posted to Twitter by the Prime Video series’ official account, the poster of the fledging students attending GOD U are posed around the beheaded likeness of The Seven’s leader. Given the sizzling metal around Homelander’s neck, it’s clear that someone has used some kind of heat power to melt the metal. Pictured are stars Jaz Sinclair (Marie Moreau), Chance Perdomo (Andre Anderson), Lizzie Broadway (Emma Meyer), Maddie Phillips (Cate Dunlap), London Thor (Jordan Li), Derek Luh (Jordan Li), Asa Germann (Sam), and Patrick Schwarzenegger (Golden Boy).

Educating the Supes

Set within the same universe as The Boys, Gen V follows group of young “heroes” as they train to become super at the Vought-sponsored Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. Little is currently known about the show’s plot or characters but the first trailer confirms that fans of the franchise’s hyper-violence and crass comedy won’t be disappointed. Gen V is also expected to feature several stars from The Boys as Jessie T. Usher and Colby Minifie are confirmed to make an appearance as A-Train and Ashley Barrett, respectively. Jensen Ackles has suggested that his Captain America parody Soldier Boy will also show up but this has yet to be officially be confirmed.

While Gen V’s premiere may be around the corner, the series’ took longer than expected to reach this point. The Boys spinoff had a rocky development that included all of the original lead actors departing the project due to lengthy production delays. After recasting the roles, production seemingly developed without further hitches.

Gen V is slated to arrive on Prime Video on Sept. 29 with a three-episode premiere.