A bloody Invincible shouting to the heavens.
A bloody Invincible shouting to the heavens.

Invincible Creator Reveals Why Making Season 2 Brought Him to Tears

Invincible co-creator Robert Kirkman admits that one Season 2 voice actor managed to bring him to tears: Peter Cullen.

Kirkman confessed that having the long-time voice of Optimus Prime involved in the series was enough to push him past his breaking point. “Working with Peter Cullen was a huge test for my professionalism,” Kirkman told Polygon. “Just flat-out, every fiber of my being was screaming, ‘Don’t ask him about Optimus Prime. Don’t talk about Optimus Prime. What are you doing? Just be a professional, come on.'”

Fortunately for the veteran writer, who also serves as an executive producer on Invincible, he was able to hold his tongue during the recording sessions, which were held over Zoom. While he may have sat through the process, most of Kirkman’s notes were conducted through text threads.

“And that was a godsend, because — you know, to say there were tears is embarrassing, but whatever, I’ll say it. Optimus Prime, big part of my life, you know?” Kirkman explained. “I’ve been hearing Peter Cullen’s voice since I was like 7 years old. So to have him voicing the character he voices — it’s crazy to have written dialogue that’s coming out of his mouth. It’s really something else.”

Taking the Fight to Viltrum

Invincible Season 2’s first trailer revealed that Cullen will play Thaedus, the leader of the Coalition of Planets, a group that aims to bring down the Viltrumites and their quest to take over the galaxy. How prevalent he’ll be in the show remains unknown but Thaedus is a key part of the story, having been one of the first Viltrumites to abandon his people upon realizing their despotic goals would inevitably lead to ruin.

Invincible Season 1 is available to stream on Prime Video. Season 2 Vol. 1 is slated to arrive on Nov. 3.