Nick Fury staring forlornly at the sky
Nick Fury staring forlornly at the sky

Why Secret Invasion Didn’t Include a Post-Credits Scene

Secret Invasion director Ali Selim confirmed that he never had any plans for a post-credits scene because he views the series as a complete story.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker was questioned on whether Marvel Studios had requested that he add an extra scene after the credits to set up a future story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “None that I was privy to. There may have been discussions in the upper offices where I wasn’t involved, but I don’t know.” Selim then goes on to say that he believes Secret Invasion didn’t need any kind of additional stinger given that he set out to create a story that had a definitive conclusion.

“I think that they use those end-credit sequences to launch something or to resolve something, and maybe this story feels like it resolves itself. So I don’t know what they’re launching other than Nick Fury went up in the spaceship to get ready for The Marvels,” Selim elaborated.

Nick Fury Set Up The Marvels

Despite Secret Invasion’s focus on Earth’s politics, the show does set the stage for Captain Marvel‘s upcoming cosmic crossover film where Carol Danvers will reunite with Monica Rambeau aka Photon, and meet her biggest fan Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel. The movie’s trailers and posters have confirmed that Nick Fury will play a significant part in the narrative as fans suspect he’ll be the driving force behind the formation of The Marvels.

Secret Invasion follows Nick Fury as he is forced to intervene when he discovers that the alien race known as The Skrulls are shapeshifting into various political figures in a bid to quietly take over the world. The series received generally negative as critics and fans took umbrage with the story’s uneven pacing, writing, and inconsequential plot.

Secret Invasion is available to stream on Disney+.