Harley Quinn and Batman standing on a rooftop
Harley Quinn and Batman standing on a rooftop

Harley Quinn Season 4 Spends a Lot of Time With Bruce Wayne in Jail

Harley Quinn Season 4 will place a great deal of emphasis on Batman as he serves time in prison.

Per an interview with ScreenRant, supervising producer Ian Hamilton promised fans that they’ll get a good idea of what the Dark Knight is like when he’s thrown behind bars. “We spend a lot of time with Bruce in jail. He’s checkered throughout the entire season, and I think he gets to be more Bruce Wayne,” Hamilton explained. “As Harley Quinn sort of discovers, ‘Who exactly is Harley Quinn?’ Bruce also gets to spend more time thinking about, ‘Who is Bruce Wayne, and what is Bruce Wayne up to?’

Batman Does the Time for the Crime

Harley Quinn Season 3 concluded with a bombshell moment that saw the titular anti-hero admit that she may not be cut out to be a true villain. As she moves toward a more heroic life with the Batfamily, Bruce Wayne goes the opposite direction when he’s arrested for tax evasion. While many thought he’d try to avoid the law and become a fugitive, he accepts his fate and willingly does his time. The Caped Crusader even embraced the event as an opportunity to reflect on his past and the trauma that brought him to this point.

Without Batman to guide the team, supervising producer Cecelia Aranovich Hamilton explains how the team reforms by inserting Harley into the mix. “It’s great having the Bat Family. And it’s interesting because we removed Batman from the equation…” Hamilton said. “Nightwing and Batgirl and Robin, and now you have this X factor, which is Harley. They’re put in a lot of comedic situations.”

The first episode of Harley Quinn Season 4 is now streaming on Max.