Secret Invasion Episode 3

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Shows How Nick Fury Needs the Skrulls

Secret Invasion Episode 3 gave us a bit more information about Nick Fury‘s relationship with the Skrulls over the years, illuminating certain details of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s look at the biggest moments of the new episode.

Photo by Gareth Gatrell. © 2023 MARVEL. 

Behind Every Great Agent Is 20 Great Skrulls

One major revelation that Secret Invasion Episode 3 included was that Fury climbed the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the help of Talos and his 19 Skrull associates. Given their prowess for shape-shifting, it makes sense that a small legion of Skrulls would be able to gain plenty of dirt, leverage, and information about anything and everything on the planet, making them invaluable allies to Fury.

So when Talos says that Fury only really started to ascend in the organization after he and the other Skrulls gave him, it’s not a huge shock, as they’d be an immensely useful ally to anyone. Granted, Talos said this in anger during an argument between the two, but Fury’s talents mixed with Skrull information gathering would explain how he knows everything at all times.

Priscilla & Nick’s Relationship

Though it wasn’t completely clear if Fury knew about his wife’s status as a Skrull at the end of Episode 2, the flashback at the beginning of this new episode and the scenes of them in the kitchen in the modern day suggest that Fury knows about and has no issue with Priscilla’s species.

The fact that she’s affiliated with Gravik is a bit worrisome — especially given that intense scene at the end of the episode. Priscilla made some very valid points about Fury’s abandonment of her and his other allies on Earth, making it hard to say where she and Fury’s marriage will end up by the conclusion of the series.

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2023 MARVEL.

Gravik Isn’t Playing Around

After seeing the scene in multiple trailers, Secret Invasion Episode 3 finally featured the sequence of an entire café turning into copies of Gravik during a tense confrontation between the Skrull leader and Talos. Even with the knowledge that the scene was coming, it was still fun to see just how much control Gravik has over a situation at any given time.

Gravik also seems shaken after his discussion with Talos in Secret Invasion Episode 3, which ended with G’iah’s father stabbing him in the hand with a knife and choking Gravik while threatening him. Granted, the radical leader still nearly initiates World War III and assumes G’iah is a mole, but he seems less certain of himself.

Goodbye G’iah

Speaking of which, Emilia Clarke’s G’iah seems to be the next character to die at Gravik’s hand. After she gave Talos the password to stop a world-changing conflict, Gravik realized Talos’ daughter had betrayed him and shot her.

This will surely have a massive impact on the series going forward, as Talos and Fury have lost one of their greatest allies from within their enemy’s forces — not to mention Talos will almost definitely be looking to avenge his daughter.

Photo by Gareth Gatrell. © 2023 MARVEL.

Is Rhodey a Skrull?

Going back to Priscilla’s call, it sure does sound like Don Cheadle’s Rhodey is on the other end of the phone. As to why Rhodey would be speaking with Gravik, there are only two explanations that really make sense.

The obvious one is that just Rhodey is a Skrull. It makes his conversation with Fury in Episode 2 less out-of-character, though it’s hard to say how long he’s been a Skrull. The other, more nefarious option is that Rhodey and the President of the United States, and potentially other key members of the U.S. government, are all Skrulls aligned with Gravik. This would explain why Harrison Ford’s Ross becomes President in Captain America: Brave New World when he clearly isn’t here. Either way, the rest of the Disney+ series promises to be more intense than ever, as things have finally reached a boiling point in the titular conflict.

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